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Meet Pete


Jennie and I met many years ago training our dogs. Jennie persued a career in setting up TLC pet serivces. I was in the Police and became a Dog Handler. I was the first and only handler of a Police Beauceron in this country. Originally like Jennie I was into my Gundogs. I have trained, bred and competed for many years starting with working Labradors. I stayed with Gundogs and had Italian Spinone and more recently Manchester Terriers. Always qualifying and showing at Crufts each year. Now my main breed is the Beauceron after falling in love with the very rare breed in work in the shape of the very handsome Bowser. Dora is my older Italian Spinone who actually won a class in Crufts in her youth. I also have Robyn the Manchester Terrier.




In addition handling dogs I also judge. Not just a show judge I am qualfied to judge The Kennel Club's Good Citizen scheme all the way to Gold level. I have been on hand to assist Jennie in  many aspects of TLC Pet Services and specialise in the larger more energetic dogs. I am a strong advocate of education in the community providing a positive solution to troublesome doggie situations. I also have a lot of exeprience through breeding in dealing with the first stages of a dogs life like toilet training and overly boistrous puppies.


I am working towards a number of accredited schemes including the Kennel Club's Accredited Instructor process. Something that recognises my level of experience, expertise and knowledge.