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Boris & OScar



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I am Jennie Tracz, Principal Trainer at LIVERPOOL DOG SCHOOL, above are my four dogs, Oscar, Arthur, Jacob and Boris, during the day, I am a dog walker, then of an evening, I train, Instruct, and do home visits. for relaxation i show my springer Arthur who does very well in the ring for me,

I am very proud of the fact that I am a member of the APDT (left Logo), an affiliate to the BIPDT (Right Logo) and also the ADTB (Logo Below), I am always striving to gain more information, experience and training to pass on in my classes,

I have been an Instructor and Dog Trainer for just over 13 years now, and I must say I love it, from watching a puppy come through the puppy class and go onto achieve his/her Gold GCDS Award.

I feel a good Trainer should be able to find a solution to fit each puppy/dog and not just by one method, this can only come by experience and personal time and effort. Please feel free to ask  me about my qualifications and experience.

As you can see by my dogs, I am a gundog fan, and do enjoy some basic gundog work with them, along with some obedience, and some fun agility, and not forgetting the odd trick for fun too.

I am very lucky to be a part of a vast network of other dog loving professionals, who like me genuinely  have a great love of dogs.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your four legged friend soon,

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